Ice Events



There are many IISA events held in different countries throughout the year and full details are available here IISA Events.


Some of the popular events fill up very quickly so it's advisable to apply for an entry early on.

Applying for entry does not guarantee you a place at the event as the organisers will review your application in conjunction with the information on your IISA bio page so it's important that your swim CV is up to date.


The most popular events are listed below - 

IISA  South Africa 13 August 2017 
IISA  Czech / Austria 17 December 2017 ( TBC )
IISA  Poland 13 January 2018 
IISA  Netherlands 19 January 2018
IISA  Ireland 27 January 2018
Ireland Ice Mile 10 February 2018 ( TBC )
Yorkshire 24 February 2018

IISA USA 10 March 2018 ( TBC)


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